Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July Sock of the Month: The Cosmic DNA Socks!

Cosmic DNA Socks
Our earliest ancestors understood that children looked like their parents, without fully understanding why.  Many millenniums later, in 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick correctly described the shape of DNA as a double-helix.  The unusual double-helix shape allows the DNA to easily "unzip" and re-combine mom and dad's genetic codes.   Watson and Crick received the Nobel Prize for their discovery in 1962. 

Jump ahead to 2006, and the Spitzer Space Telescope photographed a double helix nebula near the center of the Milky Way.  That's an unusual shape for a star cluster.  So what does it mean?  We're not sure ... but it's really cool!

It's so cool that the shape inspired the next Sock of the Month.  It got me thinking that cables don't have to be just one single twist every few rows exactly the same from bottom to top.  Just like a double helix of DNA zipping and unzipping, the Cosmic DNA Socks have cables extended, shortened, and even traveling.

Double Helix Nebula
Worked from the top down, the Cosmic DNA Socks include some very interesting features.  Get right down to business with cables at four points of the ribbing at the top of the leg—front, back, left, and right. The cables at the front and back continue into the chevron patterns running down the leg. What's interesting here is that traveling ribs feed into the center cable of these panels. The cables on the sides continue down from the ribbing twisting at alternating intervals to give you the open chain look (like a double-helix!). These socks are handsome and a little more challenging to knit.
Cosmic DNA Socks
As always, this - our fourth pattern in our Sock of the Month series - is FREE with the purchase of Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot.  Twizzlefoot is a sock-weight version of their popular worsted-weight Twizzle. The yarns take their name from the lovely barber-pole effect that results from one ply in the yarn being entirely silk. The silk takes dye differently than the wool it's plied with, and the resulting fabric has a vaguely tweedy look. Your knitting will also have more drape than if you had used a basic wool-nylon blend sock yarn.  On top of all that, add Mountain Colors' rich, super-saturated dyeing, and Twizzlefoot is sure to be an instant classic.

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Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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