Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stick It! . . . with a Shawl Pin, of Course!

Aluminum Leaf Shawl Pin
Nothing is quite as lovely as the image of a shawl daintily draped across the shoulders.  Unfortunately, that lovely image starts to look ridiculous when you take in the groceries and one end of the shawl drops down and drags through the mud behind you.  A pretty shawl just isn't practical sometimes!

Which is why I love shawl pins!  Let the shawl drape on your shoulders when you are in repose, but slip in a pretty shawl pin when you need to be more active.  In the store, we wear shawls frequently - but we wouldn't be able to get any work done if it weren't for our shawl pins keeping our shawls in place as we move baskets of yarn around!

We have so many styles to choose from!  Which style is your favorite?

Aluminum Heart Shawl Pin
Aluminum is a wonderful metal!  It is lightweight so that it doesn't drag your shawl down, resistant to corrosion so it won't loose its shine, and easy to mold into interesting shapes.  Aluminum never naturally appears in its pure form and the process for purifying it was difficult, so for most of history aluminum was considered a very rare and precious metal.  The very top of the Washington Monument is pure aluminum, because at the time it was completed in 1888 pure aluminum was as rare and expensive as gold or silver.  New methods of purifying aluminum in the early 1900s made aluminum easy to extract, so today we have aluminum shawl pins with the shine of pure silver and gold - but without the silver and gold price tag!

Classic Rosewood Waves
Wood is a renewable, biodegradable natural resource that is always unique and never goes out of style.  To top it off, our JUL shawl pins are handmade in Indonesia and are a Fair Trade item.  This means the artist was paid a fair wage that guarantees a living wage and humane working conditions.

Leather Pedestal Button
Leather Pedestal Buttons
Buttons and button holes are great . . . unless you make a mistake and then you have, well, a hole.  Our JUL leather pedestal buttons are two discs and a screw (think of a screw earring).  Slip it in between your stitches and it can be kept in place permanently or moved as frequently as you want to.  They make great shawl pins, but also can be used to create shaping, attach separate knitted pieces together, and baste knitted fabric so that it stays in place semi-permanently.

The Latch Leather Closure
The Lock and The Latch Leather Closures
Think of JUL's Lock and Latch as non-button buttons.  They work the same as the pedestal buttons, but the un-buttony shape gives your garment a unique style.

Just Plain Whimsical
Step out of the ordinary with an alpaca shawl stick, a cormorant shawl stick, or a mountain sheep shawl stick for a silly and fun conversation starter that will proclaim to all "I am unique!"

Psst!  Shawl pins are also a great one-size-fits-all gift to give or receive!

So go ahead and stick it!  I mean your shawl pin, of course!

Happy Knitting (and pinning!) . . . . Amy

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