Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Hunter's Moon Sock!

Lacy, frilly socks are fun, but sometimes you just have to man-up and knit some hearty, practical boot socks! My new Hunter's Moon socks are just the thing!

So what's a boot sock?  Sturdy leather boots are rough on your feet, so traditionally a boot sock is a thick, densely knit sock that is cushiony and comfortable and at least as high as your boot (so that you don't have bare skin rubbing against the top of your boots).  If you have the need to wear boots you're probably working hard outdoors, so boot socks are generally wool ... both warm and absorbent.

Hunter's Moon Sock
My Hunter's Moon sock is the latest pattern in the Sock of the Month club.  It's a toe-up sock with a nice, dense body fabric that's ribbed through the foot for a tighter fit with even thicker colorful toes and cuffs.  Simple but not simplistic, they're made to fit and you'll love the way they feel.

You'll need three skeins of yarn to complete these socks.  The main yarn is Classic Elite's MohawkWhy are socks traditionally white?  In the early days of dying wool the dying process was so harsh that it weakened the wool, so undyed socks lasted longer.  That's not the case today, but Mohawk takes us back to the old ways with the beauty of naturally colored wool in a blend of lustrous Merino and lofty Romney wool, with just a bit of nylon for added strength.  I used Oatmeal (Color 3306) for mine.

The second and third skeins are Rowan's Pure Wool Superwash DK, a beautiful workhorse of a yarn in 100% superwash wool.  I used Kiss (Color 036) and Black (Color 004) for my second and third skeins. 

And I'm certainly not saying that these socks are only for men!  Why should they have all the fun?  The Hunter's Moon sock pattern includes a men's size and a woman's size.

By the way, the Hunter's Moon is October's full moon, traditionally a time to hunt and prepare for the cold, dark winter months ahead.  But you don't have to work hard in your boot socks!  They'll keep your feet warm and comfy whether you're out chopping wood or just lounging around with your cup of hot chocolate in front of the TV.

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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