Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School = Football Season!

Double Coverage Hat & Scarf
It's back to school time!  The Boys of Fall are already out on the practice field and before you know it we will be watching our favorite schools compete. 

My favorite choice for school games is the Double Coverage Hat & Scarf set and the Double Coverage Mittens.  All three are simple two-color designs knit with the warm, buttery-soft SimpliWorsted yarn.  SimpliWorsted is a wool blend that is machine washable - just in case you spill your hot chocolate at the game!

Bonus:  Right now we have SimpliWorsted yarn on sale at 20% off!

So what school colors will you be snuggled in during the crisp fall games?

I have to say I'm partial to the University of Wisconsin-Madison's red (SimpliWorsted color 16) and white (01) - it's where Sean and I met and both went to school (Go Badgers!!!).  Vera prefers Beloit College's blue (29) and gold (57), and together the three of us Wisconsinites try to stay clear of anyone knitting with the blue (51) and orange (55) of the University of Illinois. 

Double Coverage Mittens
Locally we cheer on the Galena High School Pirates while knitting blue (29) and white (01), the Orangeville High School Broncos with purple (33) and gold (57), and the Freeport High School Pretzels with black (02) and orange (55).

(Yup, you read that right, the Freeport school mascot is "The Pretzels."  In the 19th century the town had a large German population, and along with that came a lot of German bakeries that specialized in pretzels.  The town was known as Pretzel City, and the high school team became The Pretzels.)

Suzy's daughter Evelyn just started pre-school this week, so for the next 14 years Suzy will be knitting with the Stockton Blackhawk's maroon (46) and gold (57).  Good thing SimpliWorsted is on sale - this is a great time for Suzy to build up her yarn stash!

Enjoy heading back to school - and be prepared to keep warm watching your local schools compete!

Bonus: We've got a list of all the colors in SimpliWorsted for all the pro-teams too! Just drop us a note if we can help!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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