Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flipping Out Over addi FlipStix

addi FlipStix
Do you prefer addi's regular classic Turbo tips or the longer, pointier lace tips?  Well, now you don't have to choose.  The new addi FlipStix have both tips!

I've been using the FlipStix for hats, mittens and socks.  I use the Turbo tip for most of the knitting, then switch to the lace tip end for the top of the hat, the point of the mitten, and the sock toe.  The lace tip works great for knitting into those tight K2tog stitches when you're doing a lot of decreases, and it's nice to just flip the needle around instead of digging through the bottom of my work bag looking for a new set of needles.

Each FipStix set includes five anodized aluminum needles in fun, vibrant colors.  The brightly colored needles are easy to find in your project bag.  I also discovered that using different colored needles makes it easier for first-timers to learn knitting in the round.   Newbies always complain that there's just too many needles, and with different colored needles it's easier to tell your brain to concentrate on just two needles and ignore the others.

It's always fun to try new things, but it's even more fun when they're on sale!  We've got the addi FlipSix on sale for 20% off!  Give them a try and you'll flip, too!

 Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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