Monday, January 5, 2015

Zen Yarn Garden - All Yarns and Pattens are 20% Off!

A Zen garden should inspire you to feel serene moments of spiritual enlightenment.  But a Zen yarn garden should inspire you to knit!

To help you feel inspired we are featuring Zen Yarn Garden yarns with a 20% off sale for the month of January!  Zen Yarn Garden is a small Canadian yarn company run by husband-and-wife team Neville and Roxanne Yeun.  Neville, a chemist, is the Lead Dyer and Roxanne is the Creative Director (check out Roxanne's patterns!).  Neville and Roxanne are assisted by just a handful of helpers with all of the different phases of yarn production from the raw, undyed yarns to the dyed and packaged finished yarns. 

Bacchus Shawl
The yarn is spectacular - and it's all 20% off!  Some of my favorites:
          • Serenity 20 is a superfine wool blend with a heaping 20% of cashmere that will create cozy warm socks or a lacy, luxurious shawl that begs to be cuddled with.  We've got 30 gorgeous saturated colors in stock. 
          • Serenity Glitter Sock yarn is a soft yarn with just a hint of sparkle.  The superfine wool and cashmere blend has just a little bit of tensely glitter to make you twinkle!  We have 10 shimmering colors to choose from. 
          • Serenity DK is a soft and squishy wool and cashmere blend great for a super soft hat or luxurious sweater.  We have 15 bold jewel colors in stock.
          • Serenity Worsted is a medium weight wool and cashmere blend.  Create a luxurious cozy hat or super-cuddly scarf!
          • Serenity Silk Single is a single ply superfine blend of wool, cashmere and silk in 19 amazing in-stock colors.  Knit a lace shawl or exquisite fine gauge garment that screams luxury!
Serenity Silk Single in Frosted Teal
Want more color choices?  We've got you covered.  We can special order any Zen Yarn Garden yarn in any color - and there are 90 special order colors to choose from!

We also have all of our Zen Yarn Garden patterns on sale at 20% off!  There are 13 great patterns to choose from!  Challenge yourself with the traditional Estonian lace nupps on the crescent-shaped Bacchus Shawl, or knit the quick one-skein Howard's Tam stocking cap.

Bonus:  The 20% off sale includes all in-stock and special order colors!

Indulge yourself in the luxury you deserve! Don't delay ... the sale ends Feburary 2nd! 

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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