Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Crystal Tracery Cowl Ready-To-Sparkle Kits

The Shine Collection, combining Rowan's luxury yarns and Swarovski beads, is an impressive collection of patterns, yarns and beads.  With so many beautiful yarns and spectacular beads to choose from, I couldn't help but write a few patterns of my own!

The Crystal Tracery Cowl is a gorgeous pairing of the luxury of Rowan's Fine Art yarn with the beautiful sparkle of Shine Swarovski beads ... simply striking!  The beads add a bit of sparkle, and the easy drape of the Fine Art Yarn adds a visual softness.

Crystal Tracery Cowl
This lovely beaded accessory is ideal for just a extra little something to cover your shoulders.  The Crystal Tracery Cowl is worked in the round from the center out.  It is pulled over the head to dress up and add some class to anything

The cowl is knit in Rowan's Fine Art yarn.  What makes Rowan Fine Art interesting (aside from the sumptuous colors!) is that the "animal fiber" in this yarn is a combination of wool and two other more durable natural fibers: mohair and silk. Although they are luxury fibers, mohair and silk are also two extremely durable natural knitting fibers - the best of both worlds!

And since the holidays are a time of giving, we should also point out that the rich, beautiful colors of Rowan's Fine Art yarn are dyed by a company that helps empower individuals from some of the poorest communities of South Africa.  When you give a gift knit in Rowan Fine Art you are also giving a gift to the dyers.

There are two ways to order the Crystal Tracery Cowl pattern:

Crystal Tracery Cowl
1.  We have put together kits in four different colorways.  Each convenient kit includes the yarn, beads, pattern PDF . . . even a bead needle!  We've done all the math for you, so you get the right amount of yarn and all the right amount of beads and all in the right size - all ready for you to start knitting!

2.  For even more options, you can create your own kit by purchasing separately:
  • 1 skein of Rowan Fine Art yarn (You have 13 fabulous colors to choose from!)
  • 100 (1 package) of size 4 mm Shine Swarovski Beads (Choose from five brilliant colors!)
  • Pattern - Free with the purchase of your Rowan Fine Art yarn.  Be sure to request the pattern in the "comments" area when you order your yarn and we'll e-mail you the PDF. 
Psst!  When you request the free pattern, we'll also include the bead needle you'll need when we ship out your yarn.

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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