Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Plant Your Feet in Terra Firma Socks

If you love the look of cables, but don't like the fuss of knitting lots of cables, then you'll love the new Terra Firma Socks, the newest sock in our Sock of the Month Club!

Two broad mirrored faux cables run up the top and front of the sock on both sides of a tiny (and easy!) 2 × 2 cable.   As dramatic as these socks look, they're actually quite an approachable project because the two broad cables aren't actually cables at all, but an ingenious increase/decrease pattern, and the single central real cable is a simple 2 × 2 twist.

Terra Firma Sock Leg Detail
At the same time there's also some interesting construction going on underneath. You get the full traditional gusset worked from the toe-up, a straight-forward turned heel, and the simple reinforcing slip-rib heel back. Up the back of the leg is a forgiving (and infinitely wearable) 2 × 2 rib.

The Terra Firma Sock is knit in the lustrous new Sueño yarn from HiKoo.  This soft and luxurious yarn is a blend of superwash merino and bamboo viscose (rayon made from highly renewable bamboo).

Do you prefer the 40 gorgeous Sueño solid colors or the 15 new Sueño Tonal colorsIt doesn't matter, because the Terra Firma Sock pattern is free with the purchase of either one! 

Sueño is typically knit at sport-to-worsted gauge, but why follow the rules?  By using smaller gauge needles I've found that Sueño yields a deliciously squishy sock fabric that you'll love to wear!

Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground with the new Terra Firma Socks!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy


zorab said...

lovely design of socks. Only a perfect sock knitter make this. I also want to knit these types of socks but this design is looking too difficult. can you guide me if i try this?

FiberWild said...

Hi Zorab! Hhhhmmmm … the pattern is for an intermediate knitter, so without know how many socks you have knit is the past it is hard to say. If you have knit a pair or two, this design is within your reach! It is definitely not your first sock knitting project. We are glad to help as best we can over the phone and internet. Amy

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