Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When Time Is Small the Stitches Get BIG - Montana Big!

Action Cowl in Big Montana
When the time gets small the stitches get big.  Like really big.  I mean Montana big, as in the super bulky Tahki Montana and it's even bulkier big brother, Big Montana.

Both of the Montanas are eco friendly yarns made of 100% unprocessed wool roving. The natural colors come from the natural color of the sheep. They feel soft and lofty - and knit up fast!  Just how fast?  Montana knits up at 10 stitches over 4″ on a US 13 and Big Montana knits 7 stitches over 4″ on a US 17.

Check out these great (and quick!) patterns:
  • The Espirit Hat & Scarf pairs the bulky Big Montana and Tahki Zona, a much thinner yarn that is light-weight and airy.  Alternating the two yarns adds texture and interest to a simple (and easy!) hat and scarf. 
  • The Great Outdoors Scarf also pairs Big Montana with Zona.  The scarf is a simple ribbed pattern, but the two yarn textures give the impression of giant baubles.  Easy to knit - fun to wear!
  • The Abbey Cowl has been a classic favorite for years!  Snuggle down into a short cowl that uses fair isle colorwork to highlight the natural colors of the Montana yarn.  
  • Espirit Hat & Scarf
  • The Action Cowl, for when you're feeling the need for speed!   The Action Cowl is a  simple garter drop stitch pattern in Big Montana.  Instant gratification!
Great Outdoors Scarf
Great for car knitting (amusing someone else is driving, of course!), and depending on just how far over the river and through the woods your grandmother lives, you just might start your trip with a bag full of yarn and arrive with a completed gift!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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